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For many of us, the Monday morning trip to work sees us surrounded by fans of other clubs, eager to stick the knife in after what, from their point of view, was a hilarious afternoon of football. Judging by the response to last night’s blog, there are plenty reading this now desperate to make another joke at our expense. Before you do, however, consider the following….

  • If you are a Spurs fan, gloat no more. Remember how you lot exited the Carling Cup? I know it was a while ago (you know, the early rounds), so let me refresh your memories. 4-1. At your place. And I can’t seem to find you in the FA Cup draw either. Once again a long way behind us in the league (oh, but this was going to be the season), and yes, your win in the San Siro was impressive but seriously, been there, done that, bought the 2008 shirt….
  • If you are a Chelsea fan, gloat no more. You are also out of both cups, losing to sides no better than Birmingham, and are struggling to finish above Spurs. Yes, Spurs – what depths you plumb. You are setting a wonderful example of how to spend a fortune and yet go backwards, so thank you for demonstrating the logic behind Wenger’s policy so beautifully. And seriously, guns at work?
  • If you are a Liverpool fan, gloat no more. Yesterday’s result was actually bad news for you. You see, sixth place no longer gives you a European spot – Birmingham have that now. Oh, and who knocked you out of the Carling Cup again? Oh yeah. Northampton. Nice one all round. Who are you blaming things on now that the board and manager have gone?
  • If you are a United fan, gloat no more. You are having a fine season, I don’t debate it, but if I were you I’d keep the champagne on ice. Your week is incredibly tough (well, the trip to Chelsea is, Liverpool aren’t a huge challenge), and your run-in is far harder than ours. As for the Carling Cup, you lost 4-0 to West Ham, and while you rotated, so did they. And they are West Ham. See you in the FA Cup (hopefully). I wonder if Rooney will be there?
  • If you are a Blackpool fan, you may gloat. But you won’t, because you have more class than that. You play great football, have an open and honest manager who makes intelligent sense, and stick to your principles no matter what. It is why we like you – not out of some ‘small club’ patronisation, but because we relate. Hope you stay up. And cheers for beating Spurs last week – save me a DVD.
  • If you are a Birmingham fan, gloat no more. Just celebrate. Don’t do what Lee Bowyer did and rub an opponent’s nose in it. Seriously, who prioritises mocking an opponent over celebrating with your own? Enjoy your day, you don’t need to come after us to do so. Well played yesterday, you deserved it.
  • If you are a City fan, gloat no more. Your football sends me to slee…..zzz.
  • If you are a Villa fan, gloat no more. You won’t be hearing the last of this. Trust me, we know what it is like – Spurs occasionally win things too.
  • If you are a Stoke fan, gloat no more. We know you hate us, Pulis is bordering on obssessed, so no doubt you enjoyed yesterday immensely. But this week, in order to wind us up, you sung the name of a man who shattered a young footballer’s leg. You’re probably reading this and thinking ‘yeah, so?’. Says it all.
  • If you are an Arsenal fan, gloat no more. By this I mean the silent stalkers who say nothing in the good times but pounce on any defeat with glee. Where have you been for the last two and a half months of unbeaten league football before coming out of the woodwork to call for Wenger’s head last night? Where we you against Barcelona with your claims that we cannot defend? Don’t tell me you saw that goal coming – Koscielny and Szczesny have been two of our most consistent performers of late, both know how to defend, and it was simply a catastrophic error. As Goodplaya said on Twitter, it was Nayim-esque in its freakishness. But seriously, if you really are an Arsenal fan, support the team, rather than constantly tearing it down. Novel concept, I know.

If you are an Arsenal fan, I hope this cheered you up ever so slightly. We’re all gutted, we all know yesterday was a monumental cock up, the missing of a wonderful opportunity to shut people up and finally win something, but it hasn’t ended our season. We’ve got another cup tie in two days, we’re back to battling for the title with United and we take a lead to the Nou Camp next week. There is a way back from this.

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  1. Well done, well done and well done! Nothing more to say!

  2. Spot-fucking-on.

  3. yeah bowyer is def a prize c***!a first rate c*** of the highest order!hope the f***er gets his legs done & soon-couldn’t happen to a “nicer”bloke…toe rag..

  4. Gloat No More-I really didn’t need cheering up but this helped and no Rooney will not be there because ‘Fergie’ says “The press want to electrocute him” but then again you are allowed to elbow people on the face in Manchester it’s normal. ‘Once a Gooner always a Gooner’

    • Yeah, Fergie’s gone a bit far with that one – he’s normally quite the expert in manipulating the press but this particular attempt is exceptionally transparent.

  5. last season we drew 1-1 with birmingham in late march, they scored a last minute equaliser. It spelt the end of our season- we subsequently went on to lose to barca, tottenham, wigan and blackburn. the season before that it was the eduardo+gallas incident against them which screwed up our season. This year its happened again. if the team really have matured then theyll turn it around. Keep the faith

    • Exactly – it is too early in the season to let something like that happen again. Three competitions remain and the league title in particular is within our grasp.

      And despite our cup struggles, our league form is terrific.

  6. Bravo Sir!

    Arsenal fans should shut the fuck up now and see what happens, let the team respond. The media can do their thing, you’d swear we were the only football team in the country the coverage we get, good or bad, the press are obsessed with us. Let them drag us down and let us get on with it and not add to the hysteria,

    • In a way, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if the press started writing us off again, we tend to play better from that position. Hopefully they’ll bang on about our crisis, and we’ll quietly get back to winning ways.

  7. If we had won yesterday, and that was all we won this season, it still wouldn’t have been a great season. I feel sorry for the players, but I’m not down, we have loads to play for.

  8. Lovely article…

  9. That cheerwed me

    in fact i am going to copy it and send it to all those that have tried to mock me with “ooohh another trophy gone” I asked the west ham, chavski,spud and leeds fans (yes leeds) to go away and add all thier trophies together and when they come up short to get a fan from a big club to help them

    • Leeds? Blimey, that is tenuous – not sure what they have to gloat about…

      As for your West Ham fan, three words – Gold, Sullivan, Brady. Should be enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine.

  10. Unfortunately we never seem to learn in the big games.Knocked out of the Champions League by Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool.

    Calamatous goal jeeping cock ups at Wembley against Chelsea and Birmingham and Lehman in Champions League too.

    Imploding at Wigan last year when 2-0 up!

    Sublime og by Diaby at OT last year.

    Imploding at home against the spuds when 2-0 up!

    Imploding at St James when 4-0 up!

    Somebody cheer me up but I firmly believe we don’t have the bottle to get over the line.

    • We do have a spectacular ability to pull defeat from the jaws of victory, it is our one remaining flaw that threatens our trophy hunt.

      Let’s hope they’ve taken enough blows now.

  11. Yes there was a fuck up yesterday, but thats not wat cost us the final, what cost us was the same old thing concerning Arsenal, We Choked, we always choke, where the laughing stock of the Prem, we do it all the time, where the Tin Henmens of the Football.
    To many players under performed, Arshavin went back to how he was earlier in the season were he couldnt be bothered and walking around shaking his head wen ever he lost the ball, which surprised me as hes been playing really well as of late and has started to look the player we first bought, Song gave the ball away far to much, so to did Wilshere, even tho he had a good game, but hes young so that will come with experience, my only complaint with Wilshere is he wont shot at goal which surprises me considering how much talent he has. Nasri came more in to it in the 2nd half and played well.
    The thing that really got me about yesterday game at Wembley is, Wembley is a big pitch, but we didnt make the most of it, we could of worn them down in the 2nd half by using the whole pitch but no we had to keep trying to go thru the middle , why didnt Clichy and Sagna use the wings more, we never stretched them or tried to get behind them, and its the same ol same ol with Arsenal, Nobody wants to shoot!! and the moment VP went off and (according to himself Bendtner) best striker weve got came on we knew we werent gonna get anything
    Its hard to take that once agin weve lost another final thats three now since we beat United in th FA Cup in 2005.
    I completely agree with you tho, we do have bigger fish to fry, but how much will this take out of them especially as VP looks like he mite be out for a few games while now.

    • Stevie.T…Re Wilshere won’t shoot..Did you miss the fantastic strike that hit the bar!!

    • Did you even watch the game, Jack didn’t give the ball away Song did most of that and as for shooting we’ve seen him attempt more shots in the last few games than in the whole season.
      Why do our fans think we just have to turn up to win games this is not La Liga it’s the premiership and any team can beat any other on their day just ask Wolves! Yesterday was Birmingham’s day and nothing else!
      Come on you gunners some cracking games to com……..

    • I know it’s out of context, but you said “we’re the laughing stock of the premiership” in your first sentence.

      Arsenal are one of only two teams who have a realistic chance at winning the Premier League. Even if they don’t do it, only a glory supporter would say that makes them a laughing stock.

  12. Pete, I couldn’t have said it any better. And believe me I have tried to say it better.

  13. oh and as for the san siro done that twice inter and AC

  14. B.S is not a fertilizer to help our team grow and win things. So cut the crappy learn from yesterday wenger and get better squad players in that can fill in for injuries. Rocky needs letting go.

    • Cut the crappy ‘learn from yesterday’? That is all you can do – you have to learn from every experience. You can bet Jack will.

  15. Also if many of you remember we had a crushing defeat to Chelsea in the champions league in the season of the Invincibles…keep the faith Gooners….what doesnt kill you always makes you stronger

    s**t happens….take it on the chin and move on up!

  16. ‘Yes there was a fuck up yesterday, but thats not wat cost us the final’


    Stopped reading there. They scored in the last minute with the only shot on target all second half, and it was a gift, no way were we losing that after extra time.

  17. Man that is no tonic? Today I wore my Arsenal hat from Croydon to Ealing via London Transport during the rush hour. Yes! There were loads of gloaters but I did not see another Arsenal fan with so much as the Arsenal crest on display???

    I am not bothered what supporters of other clubs have to say. Nor am I concerned with their teams did or did not do. The problem is with Arsenal and not with any other team! Can we fix it? Definitely! In time to face the other hurdles we will shortly face? And the next?

    Let me spell out what is required from this present squad:
    Can our current crop of players win every game to the end of the season? Can they maintain true grit, focus and determination throughout? Or would they only earn the medal of the nearly men? Great players can use yesterday as a needed kick up the rear end to get started. Average players will always fall at the final hurdle. Poor players with always have a sick note ready – well it was not me?

    The Bear is speaking from life experiences, and recently he fell at another hurdle, but did not stay down long enough to get comfortable in a laying position. But is up and running more freely than before. The problem was my overconfidence and lack of preparedness.

    • love the fact u wore ur arsenal hat mate. I Gotta say we werent good enough. We were the better team but not many people played with passion yesterday, i could only see rvp and wilshere with real drive. Nasri wasnt bad, but he did make a bad decision wen he had space, an earlier ball mite have done it and we take the lead. Thing is we are still in all four major comps-i do worry that if we cant beat birimingham to win silverware, how will we fare against barca part two and United away (if we even get past orient)

  18. no more, always a gooner no matter what………..

  19. I still believe – c’mon Arsenal! It was only the Rola-Cola after all… We just need to bounce back even stronger… Keep the faith lads…

  20. What have I learned in my last fall?

    “A fool will always underestimate their opponents”. I have to be ten times better and stronger mentally than all my opponents to be victorious! If I am not willing to go the distance, I better prepare to except the same result?

  21. But you keep telling everyone within earshot what a great team you are. What happened?

  22. Fcuking loser. You beat spurs reserve XI in the carling cup and only managed to do so in extra time.

    Also you have gone through the FA cup scrapping through a bunch of home ties against lower leage opposition. First time you played away, you couldn’t beat Orient.

    I think I will continue to gloat after watching your sad cnuts get outplayed, outsung and beaten by a second rate side in a second rate competition.

    At least you’ll have lot of tweets from your players to make you feel better.

    • Ah, welcome to the Spurs fan. I was asked recently by a Spurs fan why I claimed they were still a smaller club than us. It was in the week of the Champions League knockouts. My answer was simple:

      You beat AC Milan in the San Siro, which was a great achievement. That should have been the focus of the week, but instead, all the Spurs fans I know ended the week gutted that we’d beaten Barcelona.

      If you focus more on a rival than your own team, you will always be a small club. Focus on yourselves. You’re having a good enough season.

      Oh, and the ‘reserve XI’ line your use about the Carling Cup is a myth – you had more first XI players that day than we did – we’d made nine changes from the weekend, only Djourou and Denilson (who isn’t first choice) retaining his place. Your team was older and more experienced. Check your facts.

      Re: FA Cup – we’re still in it, which is all that counts. Fulham hammered you. Yes, Fulham, the team that hammers no-one.

      Gloat all you like, it’ll continue to prove to me that you remain in our shadow. Enjoy.

      • “If you focus more on a rival than your own team, you will always be a small club. Focus on yourselves.”

        Ironic comment given that after a game you have posted the failings of all rival clubs rather than focus on your own team?

        “Fulham hammered you. Yes, Fulham, the team that hammers no-one.”

        • Missing. The. Point.

          As I said in a comment below, my initial reaction was to focus on the match, hence this being my second post since the final.

          All Spurs fans I know were miserable at the end of the CL week because we’d beaten Barcelona. If you played and won Saturday, and we’d played and won Sunday, I’d be happy, because I take more stock in our results than our rivals.

          You are writing intelligently, so I *think* you’re deliberately missing the point, rather than actually missing it.

          • I am not missing the point. The fact is that a big club wouldn’t do a second article trying to mask their own failings by comparing themselves to others. You are again being found out for being a hypocritic but failing to accept it.

            Spurs fans weren’t ‘miserable’ that you beat Barca at all. I think you are over-stating that point. It did disappoint us that Barca couldn’t take their chances but are you telling me that you don’t like it when spurs lose? We’re rivals, it’s part of the package of being an Arsenal/Spurs fan.

            • I’m not masking any failings. We know what they are. I am trying to cheer people up. Massive difference.

              You ARE missing the point, clearly, because what you claim to be the point of the article, quite plainly isn’t.

              And the Spurs fans I knew really were miserable at the end of the week. Don’t get me wrong, I understand their delight when we lose, as I delight when you lose. But given the choice between both winning and both losing, I’d take both winning. I don’t always get that impression from Spurs.

  23. “oh, but this was going to be the season”

    And isn’t that comment reserved for Gooners?

    So near yet so far every year. The funny thing is that you guys all thought that spurs would struggle to juggle both CL and PL together like you did in the early days yet we seem to have taken to it like a duck to water.

    2-0 and you royally fcuked it up as well. Ohh is that me gloating….sorry. Didn’t realise no-one could touch the mighty carling cup chasing/failing gooners.

    By April you will be out of the CL and FA Cup having finally encountered decent sides and you will be out of the title race when you face spurs away. You know like last year.

    • Brave words, Steve. Let’s see where you are in May. Cheerio.

    • Actually, the only reason you’re still in the hunt for a top four spot is that Chelsea are having a terrible season. Still, fair play – you’re taking advantage.

      I don’t know if you’re trying to wind me up or not. If you are, then good luck with that – I’m not easily drawn. If you’re not, well, I’m not sure what you’re doing.

      Here’s the thing – I’ve never visited a Spurs blog. The closest I get is Pies (check my links) which is edited by a Spurs fan, but that’s because he is entertaining and covers all teams. Why are you here?

      • well said pete, I have better things to do than basque in Spurs failings, like u said before, id rather us both win than both lose. Fair play, spurs are doing well, but we r still doing better than them-which is why i dont feel the need to visit spurs blogs

        • Basquing in Spurs failings could be considered as a full time job…there is a lot of ground to cover.

          Tottenham are not rivals…they aspire to rival us but haven’t got the minerals…Forever in our shadow.

          I will be looking forward to watching Arsenal compete on three fronts with realistic chances of success…..Not our best team out Sunday, not a great performance as a whole….these things happen, not going to cry, it was the Carling Cup?!?

          However I will be disappointed if we do not capitalise on our position in the league and do not put in a performance in the Champions league with every player giving 100%….The players need to pick their boats up and move on, using the Barca game as a benchmark.

          As for the Brummies, fair play to you on Sunday….the lack of class was disappointing though, slapping a player from behind after scoring?? Not the spirit of the game.

          Gooner til I die.

    • “The funny thing is that you guys all thought that spurs would struggle to juggle both CL and PL together like you did in the early days yet we seem to have taken to it like a duck to water.”

      Of course, Arsenal are doing a much better job of it, and that’s all that really matters.

  24. Well said. We (players and fans) will bounce back from this, stronger and more determined. Arsenal forever.

  25. Morning Steve, you seem angry.

    Try and calm down a bit, and have a nice day.

  26. ” Don’t do what Lee Bowyer did and rub an opponent’s nose in it. Seriously, who prioritises mocking an opponent over celebrating with your own?”

    Didn’t your keeper take the piss out of Ashley Cole on Twitter for messing a pen?

    • Yeah, but that’s Ashley Cole. Fair game and all that.

      No, I recognise the slight hypocrisy there. But Szczesny knows he has an Arsenal audience on Twitter and is playing to it. Cole is highly unlikely to be following him. Bowyer, on the other hand, is physically rubbing Koscielny’s nose in it, in the instant of absolute despair, rather than celebrating with his teammates. Which is quite an unnatural reaction, really.

      • I think the unnatural reaction is to tweet like a whimp abusing a player in a game you weren’t even involved in. You’re keeper might have thought you was tweeting to an Arsenal audience but that is foolish in the extreme given that it’s on the worldwide web.

        • If you have followed anything Szczesny has ever tweeted you’d know that everything he says is highly tongue in cheek.

          On the plus side, he doesn’t tweet in text speak, which already gives him a leg up on some of his English counterparts.

          • Maybe Bowyers tap on the head was ‘tongue in cheek’ as well. A little like Henry on Barthez all those years ago?

            Fact is that Arsenal players and management are the last people to be dignified in anything. Look at this post as a classic example. You lost. Football is all about gloating. You don’t think I got it in the ear from gooners when we lost against Blackpool? Was it deserved? 100%. We lost to blacpool!

            Take this defeat like a man.

            • I have taken the defeat properly. First thing I did, in the first paragraph of my first post, was to congratulate Birmingham on a fully deserved victory.

              I will try to explain further.

              This is an article to help Arsenal fans have a response to the inevitable Monday morning gloating.

              Is that clear yet?

              • Yep crystal. And I in turn am choosing to educate those same gooners on what response they’d get should they choose to take this bitter advice.

              • Oh, I’d expect it to be a back and forth thing. It should be – good banter is (banter has been given a bad name recently by Messrs Keys and Gray).

                But if I’ve cheered any Gooners up with this (as it appears I have), then I’m happy. They are, after all, the audience.

                You choose to be too, and that’s fine (welcome, in fact), so feel free to provide all the counterarguments you like.

                See you at the Lane.

  27. I think you’ll find this article is addressed to rival fans Pete – you moron.

    The reason why you never visit spurs forums is that we would never post such a pathetic and bitter swipe at rival fans at a time when we have been let down by only our own. Your supports were out-sung throughout the game by Birmingham city who have no history of vocal support. Fact is that you sat there waiting to win and because of this arrogance, you got what you deserved, which is nothing but tweets from your players.


    • Moron? What exactly is that in response to? I’m guessing me saying that I don’t visit other club blogs? This article is a direct riposte being made available for Arsenal fans to their colleagues, so actually it is directed at our own. Which you might gather from the overwhelming Arsenal-fanbase comments.

      I can remember the tense for putting second person in someone else’s mouth, but whatever that tense it, that’s what we have here. Try again.

      Pathetic? Hmm. You might be interested to know that this is my *second* post since the final. The first congratulated Birmingham for their win and looked inward. That was my initial reaction, which is as it should be.

      I’m still trying to work out where you aggression comes from. It is a light hearted piece, your response isn’t.

      • So hang on a minute Pete, you are saying that this to Arsenal fans?

        “If you are a Spurs fan, gloat no more. Remember how YOU lot exited the Carling Cup?”

        So you do wish for a reposite. You just wish to sit there rotting in your own ignorant bliss. Fair enough mate but do what other gooners do and hide behind a bad tackle of a refereeing mistake. Not this rubbish.

        • This is an Arsenal blog, with around a 95% Arsenal-supporting audience. I would be beyond daft to aim articles at anyone else.

          • Yep, that’s my point. The article is written in a way which is aimed at those 5%. As you say, you are beyond daft.

            • Read the very first four words of the article again please, if you will.

              I already explained the tensing of the article. It isn’t second person.

              • Anyways Pete. You actually seem a decent bloke. I can only take the article at face value and you can say it’s an Arsenal only blog but I wouldn’t have posted if I didn’t see Spurs fans addressed on it. Good luck for the rest of season and we’ll see you at the Lane.

              • Cheers – you too – and thanks for debating without it descending too far.

                See you at the Lane, whenever that’ll be, and maybe even in the Champions League too…..

              • Certainly. Apologies for the moron comment. Not usually my style and you certainly are not.

                Just a couple of questions:

                1. Do you think Wenger will continue to take Carling cup seriously going forward or will he take your increasing injury record as evidence that he was right not to prioritise it?

                2. You posted some minor losses today, does this mean that the stadium is actually draining the club your clubs resources which for a spurs fan is worrying as we are unlikely to have CL football and a manager who promotes youth when/if we move.

              • No worries, I’ve heard far worse….

                1. I think he’ll take it seriously if the squad remains fit enough to cope. Until the last week, we’ve had few injuries this season, especially since Van Persie returned. Only Vermaelen has remained out.

                It is why he can completely rotate for the FA cup – the squad is bigger. Admittedly, the rotation has just proved the first XI should remain the first XI. But if we have a bunch of injuries, I imagine he’ll protect the remaining 15 or so and play the kids.

                2. Not too worried about the results as our Autumn postings are traditionally better than these six months. Having said that, we’re locked into some awful commercial deals (you’re earning more sponsorship money than we are, and that isn’t going to change for a while) which is hurting us. Those deals were done to help the stadium project but they’ve been proven unwise since. The new commercial team have their hands tied a little there.

                A 10% rise in wages and no rise in commercial income is the main issue. The stadium itself, however, is still a fantastic boon – I wouldn’t worry yourself with your equivalent.

                Just don’t get locked into long term deals that hurt the club in the long run. That’s the mistake we’ve made, and we’ll pay for it until 2014.

  28. arsenal still anather comption


  30. ONE problem: Koscielny is FAR from consistent. He can’t even be consistent in the same game. Other than that thanks for cheering me up.
    Great read.

    • He certainly has the ability – he has been immense in some game, but does have the occasional brain freeze. Fingers crossed he can eradicate them.

  31. all matchester united, matchester city spurs ,chealse ,aston vila..supporters to care about there time not arsenal. we still in af,primier leageu .champion l……………………

  32. Gutted for the fans and the players, but something felt wrong from kick off, devastated for jack, kos and chez, all teams have moments like that
    what does not kill you makes you stronger, I am praying that Van Persie is precautionary, more than damage, we really need him back for Barcelona
    We will come back from this, its not over til the fat lady sings and as for the spurs fans F”” off
    Arsenal is for life not just for finals

  33. Honestly you cheered me up, Im an Arsenal die hard, both in winning & losing times; I trust and have great faith in all our players and I know there was fartigue due to playing too many games within short duration. Hope we will put those results behind us and focus on the next three cups.

  34. HAHAHAHA. Awesome post buddy. Bookmarked this already. Hopefully those gooners who r with the team only when we win take note of the last part. Again bravo post man.

  35. So is the quadruple still on?

    • peanuts are the favourite food of …..? get a life peanuts, spu*s or minger u fan are you?

    • No, no – just the treble. Just Arsenal, Birmingham and Man U going for a treble. So everyone else can just sit down.

      • Ah yes…..wonder what the odds are on a Birmingham cup double….

        Actually, probably not that long, given that Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs have gone, and only one of United and Arsenal can make the semis.

  36. Brilliant post. my god you would think it was the biggest footie news story in the world judging by the bleedin press. it happens in cup finals. move onwards and upwards you gunners .. and gooners

  37. This is the way to look at it. That, and reminding those (your choice of insult goes here)s who call this “a victory for England” that Zigic is a Serb, Martins a Nigerian, and the manager, as Brian Clough would say, a “f—ing Scot.” There were only 2 Englishmen on the pitch playing worth a damn, and one was Jack Wilshere. Unfortunately, the other was Ben Foster, who was, as General Patton would say, a “magnificent bastard.”

    We are The Arsenal. We will get past this, and make them all, as Humphrey Bogart would say, regret it — maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of their lives. The misbegotten c*nts. (Bogey didn’t say THAT, but it had to be said.)

  38. Brilliant mate, love it. Cheered me up after the depression of yesterday and today!

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