Mar 232011

It has been a long time in coming, but today sees the return of the Beautiful Groan podcast, which I originally started in May last year as a weekly effort. It lasted just three episodes before the season ended, and that, along with various other life changes that reduced my time, meant the podcast faded away, waiting for ten months to be resurrected.

After a few technical hitches (dead microphone making me sound like a drowning robot, unfathomably loud laptop making me sound like I’m standing under a jet), I’m delighted to announce its return. The old features – interviews with Arsenal players, Room 101, reviews of the week etc – are all still there, alongside a couple of new ones.

On today’s show, I chat with the returning Jens Lehmann on his burgeoning reputation as something of a ladies man, look back at the WBA game and forward to the rest of the season, Room 101 gets all fashion conscious, and I start a new series of examining the status of players within the squad by looking at the life and times of Denilson. In addition, I round up the ‘best of the web’ with a top five tweets of the week and a pointer towards a particularly excellent article – I’ll be doing this every week, so feel free to get in touch with your own. I’ll read them all.

The podcast page is the place to go to see the details of every episode so far, which Arsenal player has been interviewed, who is mentioned in the ‘best of the web’ and so on. All subscription (ITunes, RSS) details can be found there as well as direct links to every episode. Alternatively, they are all at the bottom of this post.

After last year’s failed run, I am hoping to keep this going for the long term so, as a relatively new podcaster (if that’s even the right word) any feedback would be greatly appreciated, positive or negative. If you like something, say, if you hate a feature, tell me. I’d really rather know – I have no intention of churning out crappy segments that no-one likes every week. It’s for you, not me.

Also, feel free to get involved. If you write a blog and you’re not sure if I read it or not, send me the link. If you are on Twitter and talk about Arsenal a lot, let me know. If I don’t know of your work, I can’t include you in my ‘best of’ round up, and I would like to involve as many people as possible. The time for shameless self promotion is here – show me what you do.

Hope you enjoy it.

How to get hold of the podcast

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If you want to get in touch about the podcast, to give feedback, suggestions, or comment on any of the issues I talk about, feel free to mail me or put something in the comments below. The email address is Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

Thanks for listening.

  5 Responses to “Return of the Beautiful Groan podcast – Lehmann, mohicans, Denilson and more”

  1. Denilson is by far the worst player at Arsenal

    • Strongly strongly disagree. I made the point in the podcast that he has all the natural tools to be a top player. He certainly isn’t knitting them together, and that is wrecking him as a player at the moment, but the worst player at the club? I can think of worse.

    • So very true. He’s worse than Cygan by far.

  2. Denilson is the most uncommitted lazy 1 dimensional crab of an Arsenal player I have ever seen

  3. Since his hip/back injury Denilson seems to have lost a yard (and he wasn’t quick before).
    Also he used to keep the ball moving by always playing to someone in space, then move to ensure that player could play it back to him (if needed). An important job when you have to drag the opposition out of position to create space for Cesc/Nasri etc to play through. However since his injury although he still plays to the man is space, he tends to dwell on the ball a bit longer before the pass, and after the pass he doesn’t move. He just stands there. sometimes the ball gets back to him in the same place but often the return is blocked and the player has to try to find a pass elsewhere (often failing).
    He really hasn’t developed over the last 2 seasons.

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