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I’ve been getting frustrated with the coverage of the Samir Nasri contract situation over the last week or so, particularly around the vitriol directed at him for his stance in negotiating his new contract and/or move to another club. I don’t doubt for a second that he has been somewhat ruthless in his approach, but I’ve not seen anything that he’s said or done that has left me thinking ‘ooo, that’s a bit off‘.

Let me explain, first by looking at the facts.

Nasri has one year left on his contract, and at 24, is now debating where to spend the prime of his career, a massive decision in any walk of life. He also knows that if he decides not to stay, he stands to earn a fortune when his current deal expires. Typically, when a player is signed on a free transfer, part of his real transfer value is included in his wages, spread over the term of the contract, substantially increasing the weekly salary – clubs can do that because the player retains value, and it is clearly in the best interest of the player, from a purely financial point of view.

In this instance, it appears Nasri has looked at potential earnings in a year’s time, and asked Arsenal to match (or very nearly match) that level to convince him to stay. This has angered many, since it appears to inflate his salary above his merit, but the reasoning is sound, when you look at it from a purely business point of view. It is a bit like owning shares – if your stock is worth £14k now but you know without doubt it’ll be £20m in a year, you are going to turn down offers of £15m, asking the potential buyers for more. Nasri knows how much he could be earning, and he is giving Arsenal the opportunity to match that.

Is he holding the club to ransom? In a way, yes. But he isn’t asking for that level of salary without logic, and probably feels quite justified in his request. I’m not saying for a moment that his performances merit the wage hike, and as a result they will surely be rejected, but that doesn’t make him wrong for asking.

Plenty of people who are criticising him would change jobs in an instant if a far greater salary was offered, and while I understand that the scale of money is very different, there is a still a potentially vast salary gap at stake here. It matters.

And then there is the other factor in the negotiations – ambition. I know many feel that Nasri’s situation is entirely about money, not trophies or club intent, but in truth the two are inextricably linked. Put it this way – if Nasri were to sign on at Arsenal for another five years, on our terms (which, as we’ve established, is considerably less than he could be earning elsewhere), then he needs a really good reason to do so, and that reason is the club giving him the opportunity to win trophies. Yes, Nasri’s form was poor in the second half of the season, but that can happen to anyone – I’m not going to hold that against him any more than I’m going to hold it against Wilshere when he has his inevitable dip – it feels as if we’re using Nasri’s summer actions to view his season (both halves of it) in a more critical light, which strikes me as churlish. Overall, he was good, even though he dipped so badly.

The other reason a player would be happy to stay on lower wages is loyalty, and love for Arsenal. And that is where I think the majority of us are sorely misguided, or at least blinded by our own unwavering support for the club. Nasri is not an Arsenal fan. He grew up at Marseille, his hometown club, and nothing will match up to that. Does he have affection for Arsenal? Probably – three years is likely to do that, but it isn’t anything he cannot replicate somewhere else.

I feel sometimes that we, as fans, miss this point entirely. As Arsenal fans, we cannot understand why anyone would leave the club, but these players are not fans, and even as representatives of the club they do not necessarily have it in their hearts. Imagine if you played for Bayer Leverkusen, and Inter came in with a big money offer for you. Top sides both, and as fans of neither you’d probably take quite a rational approach to the decision. Allow Nasri, and others, the same courtesy.

Perhaps that is the real issue here, the crux behind the feeling that too many players coast along – maybe not enough of them are true Arsenal fans. If you look at the current squad, who can you say really loves the club and is proud to pull on the shirt? Cesc, certainly (yes, he loves Barcelona too, but his clearly loves Arsenal), and Van Persie – the guy talks like an Arsenal fan. Wilshere, through growing up at the club, can be added to that list, but beyond that who is there? Sagna? Maybe. Interesting that the list of players you’d mark down as being proud to play for Arsenal are the same ones that give their all. Coincidence? I think not.

So if Nasri wants to move on, fair play to him. To me, he hasn’t been disingenuous, like Adebayor before him (if Nasri came out next week and claimed that he never considered leaving, then I’d change my mind, but as far as I can see, he has been open throughout), and perhaps we need to replace him with a player who will wear the club crest with pride. Arsenal DNA, you might call it.

I can understand people’s anger towards Nasri, because we don’t like to see our club in a negotiation where we hold no cards, especially when the opposing side knows and is exploiting  it. But this is business, and we are making it personal.

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  1. True Talks, Good Post. Maybe we expect to much. You would have to LOVE a club to stay there and not win trophies.

    • Exactly. For me the three factors are – money, competitiveness and love for a club. If a player gets an offer which increases at least one of these without decreasing the others, they are always going to consider it.

      For us, as Arsenal fans, the ‘love for the club’ part would make the other two points hard to overcome, but very few players play for the club they support.

    • Nasri has done nothing wrong. Regardless of how much money is involved, football is his job. We work for either the satisfaction that job brings and / or the size of the pay packet. If he thinks he can get more of both elsewhere he’s going to leave, as we all would.
      Arsene has been promising results & asking the fans for patience for several seasons now & no doubt he’s been telling his players the same too. Why should they stay when he’s failed to strengthen the squad sufficiently to challenge for titles over the past 2 seasons.

      • That’s pretty much as I see it – it is hard to detach as a fan but we have to remember that as a player it is far easier.

      • I think Nasri is a greedy twat .Wenger always tells players when they joined the club on the club’s vision and strategy.Nasri was told about the project when he joined , and what qualities he would bring to the squad for the project to maintain its course.
        For me Nasri performed well below par for what was expected of him and for him to try to hold the club at ransom is just so disrespectful . Did anyone hear Puyol , Xavi , Iniesta tell Barca they wanted to leave for trophies when Barca hadn’t won for 6 seasons.
        If a player wants to leave or has no desire for the club he should just go .He should reflect that he was supposed to have been helping the club win trophies , he played in the Carling Cup and he and RVP where supposed to be the driving forces .We all know RVP came to the party ,and where was Nasri when an assist or goal would have won us the Carling Cup .I think he should just go and we can get another talented player come through , we have had talented players before , they came and left so Nasri should know that . The Arsenal model will always unearth a new gem sooner or later .

  2. What makes Samir wrong is that he clearly blames other for the lack of trophies at the club in his brief stay. Clearly his 6 months of quality play in a 3 year period goes part way to explain that lack of progress. When (or if ) he shaves in the morning, can he look at himself in the mirror and say ” over the last three years NONE of Arsenal’s lack of silverware is down to me !!!! I played to the top of my game in every match. I FULLY earned every penny they paid me ” Or as is clearly the case, should he think, for two and a half years I was below my best and I now owe Arsenal for not preforming for all my contract. Samir will do what Samir wants!!!!!! I accept it, lets not try to hide what is clearly fact. He is a disloyal rat jumping ship !!!!!!! Welcome to the world of the morden footballer !!!!

    • In fairness to him, his half a season of brilliant play (which did, after all, get him on the Player of the Year shortlist) was a bigger contribution that most of the squad can claim, so in that regard he is entitled to question.

      I read his comments as seeking assurances as to what lies ahead this summer. He will not sign a contract for less than he could be on next year, if we are going to sell stars and not adequately replace them. I’m sure that isn’t the plan, but you can understand why that is a factor.

      I do feel we are letting his summer activity cloud what was an outstanding half a season. Yes, his level dropped dramatically, but overall his still did more than most.

  3. Sorry I can’t agree with you, changing jobs to earn more money when you earn 30k a year is one thing, when you are already on thousands a week it is called plain greed.

    I think you have lost some perspective, the salaries in football are out of control and it makes it harder to support the team when you think they are just a bunch of greedy w*ankers.

    • They live in a different world though. Big houses, flash cars etc – it seems outlandish to us, but to them it is normal. Do I like that? No. But it doesn’t change the fact.

      But the point remains that this isn’t all about money. Money and ambition and tied – why would he accept a lower paid contract if a destination club could offer as much scope of title challenges along with a higher wage?

  4. i dont know how much money wenger is given to destroy this team before he leaves.I mean seriouly he is selling mainly all the stars instead of adding to the team.I swear if Nasri leaves, THEN ARSENAL are not going to win anything until wenger leaves.I STOP HERE WENGERRRRRRR!!!!!

    • Wenger cannot force Nasri to sign a new contract, just like he couldn’t force Flamini. The Bosman ruling means players can make a fortune from running a contract down and leaving on a feww, and there will always be those that take advantage

      Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty to be frustrated at, but this kind of feeling is exactly what Nasri is trying to take advantage of.

  5. You cannot say it better and I love the post. We are now becoming a feeder club for other teams to come and take the players, If we are winning things now I so much doubt that Cesc, Nasri or any other big player will be contemplating leaving the club, There is no ambition in our club anymore and something drastic has to happen. Get players who are ready to go to battle at all cost and not those that disappears when the going is tough. Still a Gunner

    • I’m not saying we’re becoming a feeder club, far from it, but if a player wants to run down his contract and leave, they can be little you can do about it. In the football world we live in, where there are a few super-rich clubs, many heads can be turned.

  6. you somehow made some good points,but i must put it to you that our players are not loyal to the cause of the club. Nasri owes gunners to some an extent because AW made him not the other way around but if he decided to move on, he move abroad not the our direct rivals.

    • I’d agree that Nasri is not being especially loyal, but then, is it actually unfair to expect him to be? It is his career, after all, and in fact he was quite a star in France before he came to Arsenal, hence his initial transfer fee.

      My point was mainly that he is loyal to Marseille, as a fan of that club and the club at which he was tutored. Arsenal are just an employer to him, as will be his next club.

      Some players see it like a fan, and fall in love with the clubs they play for. Some, like Nasri, don’t. That makes him ruthless, but does it make him wrong?

  7. Samir was offered a massive wage rise in a contract 18 months ago. I am not at the negotiating table, but the common take on the situation is as follows. He has a year left on his contract. Arsenal and him are £20k a week away from agreement. This gap can easily be compromised away by a little give and take by both parties. The stumbling block is that Samir wants the last year of his existing contract ripped up, thus making him a free agent and entitling him to a signing on fee. In this about £4mil !!! This is the reason it was not signed a while ago, this is the reason it has been left to run down so much. To hear him come out with B******T today it is to win trophies makes my blood boil. He said he wants to go to a club that is competitive !!!! If he had played to his potential for the last four weeks of the season. He could have spent a lovely Sunday polishing his medals, instead of lying to the press !!!!!

    • Well, you’re right in the sense that the last year of a contract, from a salary point of view, means little, but all top players will have expected to sign a new contract or moved on by the time they get that far – that is true of all players.

      As I said earlier, I don’t like his behaviour, because I don’t like ruthlessness in general, but I don’t think he is actually wrong with his approach. And I definitely feel that we’re letting his actions cloud what was a greatly improved season from him, albeit one where all the good performances were in the first half.

      He still contributed more than most, which is why I find is slightly churlish that he is now the first person we point fingers at for not winning trophies.

  8. arsenal fans stop calling wenger a professor call him a stupid

  9. I think people expect every Arsenal player show love to their club similar to what Del Piero, Totti or more locally, G Neville has for Man Utd. Not every foreign player would be able to that , much less English players( Ashley Cole anyone?). Even Sol Campbell was not able to stick to Spurs, mainly because he felt his quality deserved a club which was competing for trophies, which at that time was only Arsenal & Man Utd. Everyone certainly has a right to do whats best for themselves.

  10. Wenger is no fool he is the worlds most STUBBON manager !!!!

  11. Yes, he made one mistake – whatever the circumstance he shouldn’t have spoken about a move to Manu when he said “lets see if the interest from Manu is concrete first”. That is criminal and an unpardonable offence

  12. 2 goals against Man Utd in his first season.
    A spat with Joey Barton.
    2 good match winning goals against Fulham last season.
    A good individual goal against a dis-interested Braga.
    A volley from the edge of the box from a corner against Aston Villa.
    A tap in against West Brom in his debut game.
    These are the only things I associate with him although no doubt there are as few others that have happened.
    I couldn’t care less if he goes and if we could get the money mentioned in some articles it would be great news for me.

    • You realy dont know much about football do you. The countless great assists eg to RVP against Liverpool in e second season, great goals like in the Porto game, Man City this season. His a great player & in all honesty who will be a ready made replacement Wenger is willing to pay for. Grow up

  13. to b honest, even tho there is sense in what u have said, i believe the executives and arsene wud in sum extent take blame if he ends up leaving. before thd begining of the last campaign they both said players can start the season with just a yr on their contract

    • It is a bit ‘damned if they do, damned if they don’t’. If they award players lucrative contracts before the prove themselves (e.g. Vela) and they don’t shine, they get criticised, but on the flip side if they resist offering a new deal and we get to this stage, they also come in for criticism. Fine balance.

  14. I agree, football is a job, you have the right to change your job. However loyalty is found in every profession in the world. It is becoming less frequent in football !!! To me it can be traced back to the birth of the AGENT !!! They are only looking out for their clients interests, but a bit like when a lawyer gets involved in a neighbours dispute, it always seems to take a turn for the worse !!!!! The lawyer just ends up a little richer !!!! I hold comfort in the fact that very few players have left Arsenal and gone on to better things !!!! I call it the Gooner Curse !!!!!

    • Loyalty to a certain extent, yes, but it would take a fantastic job to resist turning down a 30-50% payrise, in the same field.

      Agree about the agents though, what many players fail to realise is the agent are serving themselves, not their client.

  15. I’ve been a Gooner now since 1979 following them through thick and thin but personally I’ve now had enough, enough of all the bullshit and lies that come from the club, the board and the manager. Wenger says Nasri owes the club as they made him but Wenger I’m sorry but you owe the fans as they make the club. Wenger/Arsenal say consistency is most important but I’m sorry it isn’t. Here is a small reminder to you fellow Gooners what Chelsea and Man Utd have won since Arsenal last won a trophy. Man Utd – Champ League 1, Prem League 4, League Cup 3, Charity Shield 3. Chelsea – Prem League 3, FA Cup 3, League Cup 2 and Charity Shield 2. So like anyone in their chosen profession he wants to be successful and do well and I’m sorry he and I can’t see that happening at Arsenal the way things are. As a die hard Arsenal fan who loves the club it hurts to say that Nasri, Fabregas, Walcott, RVP etc have every right to leave to be successful because if things don’t change soon at Arsenal them they’ll win nothing there!! As for you fellow Gooners who tell me to support another team then take your heads out of the sand as I love the club and that’s why I’m saying this, enough is enough!! Arsenal are far to big to be playing 3rd or 4th best, if that.

    • I agree with you to an extent about Walcott, Fabregas etc, however there is a point of view that says these same players are the ones that have benefited from Project Wenger i.e. unproven talent on big salaries and with the opportunity to play first team football with no competition of note for your place. That crap doesn’t happen at other clubs and it’s a culture that Wenger has promoted which is ruining the club and has now seen the players he has afforded this opportunity start to turn on him. I didn’t see any of them complaining however when they were given the opportunities they wouldn’t have had at other clubs and I suppose it’s down to Wengers naivety that he believed they would remain loyal to the project through thick and thin with the promise of Jam tomorrow.

      On one hand I can see how it looks because the Club has basically made a trade with them to back their potential if they support the cause. I don;t blame them for wanting to leave because at the end of the day the club is there to compete not to win the financial fair play trophy, or to give Wenger the opportunity to shout from the mountain tops “I told you so”. The whole plan has backfired and the more players that come out and demonstrate they have lost faith in his policies as painful as it is to see, the sooner our club will return to what it should be. It was a bad dream and we now need to wake up.

  16. What about the fact that Nasri and his entourage arranged a meeting with Man Utd representatives at the end of the season? This was reported in the French press by reliable sources and apparently he did not even invite his own agent to the meeting!

    Don’t you think this behaviour is a ‘little bit off’???

    • But it doesn’t alter the fact Nasri wants to win things so that’s why he did it, he sees Arsenal as a dead end place at the moment. I have never ever spoken out agains Wenger before but I really have had enough now. It’s all about penny pinching and the ‘youth project’ which isn’t working. Even now Wenger STILL says he’s happy with what he has!!?? What planet is he on!! I feel sorry for the guys who go to The Emirates every other week as they are being so ripped off!

    • If true, then absolutely, that is extremely poor behaviour. Personally I’ve always seen the United stuff as a smokescreen as I don’t believe Wenger would ever sell him to them. I hope that’s the case anyway.

  17. I don’t share your gloom. We will buy a couple, a couple will come through !!!!! Every super star that we make and then sell opens the gates for another young super kid like Jack to shine through !!!! Loosing Cesc and Samir will be a blow yes !!! But we have some great talent at the club. It will mean Rambo will play more. It may give a chance for the super kids we stole from Barca to shine through !!! My cup is half full not half empty !!! Keep the faith !!!!

    • Apologies if the article came across as gloomy – wasn’t intended. It was more to say that if Nasri wants to leave, let’s not castigate him, let’s just forget him and move on. We’ll carry on.

  18. Wenger cannot let Samir go to the Mancs either of them !!! or chelski !!! but i fear he will !!!!!!!

    • To be honest, if City offer big money, I’d bite their hand off. I think the extra 5-7m we could get from them could be very useful, even if it meant he goes to a rival.

  19. What I highly dislike is the hate against Denilson resulting in a prominent Arsenal ( clearly Anti-Arsenal though) blog being put up on sale on Ebay. This is fandom at its lowest. I feel disgusted that fans can hate their own players so much. Instead of trying to encourage such a player , we only drive them away. For Denilson’s sake I hope he goes to another club and lives up to the potential that AW saw in him when he had signed him.

    • Yeah, I agree entirely. I do wonder if other clubs lower their valuation of him knowing that the fans of his current club plainly want rid. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  20. The players blame the club lack of trophies…

    Who’s play in the field? in the game? the player !

    So, it is funny they use statement like that..

    There is no love in the player’s heart..

    Arsenal missed a Leadership in the field. I guest it is useless Arsenal have a Captain in the field. Cause the last 2 captain chosen because they become “the transfer target” from another club!

    Wake up Arsenal, Wake up AW, Wake up Board of Arsenal, Wake up !!….

    What will you do to this club?…

    A football school? A great trader company?

    • I actually don’t have a problem with Cesc’s captaincy, I feel the issue is more the lack of leaders, as you suggest – you need five or six in a team, and we generally only have two or three. With Vermaelen out, the only two that drive the team forward are Cesc and RVP.

      I think Wenger knows this.

      • The word “leadership” has just been bandied about in the media as according to them the yelling types were the ones who are true leaders. There is no one in the game to take charge for us . I believe Cesc & RVP do that , the highly criticized Arshavin does that on a few occasions as well. As far as I know and have seen, the great Zidane was never a yelling type for France or Madrid . But the way he controlled games against such “leaders” shows that personality doesn’t really depend on vocal chords. If for example you look at Zidane’s performance against Man Utd in 2002-2003 Champions quarterfinal at Madrid, he dominated a leader like Roy Keane and tough players like Scholes,G Neville etc. I believe what we lack is a player who can strike fear into the opposition’s heart.

        • Even Vieira, for all his reputation, was not a ‘yeller’ on the pitch. That notion is very British, and frankly pretty outdated.

          What you want out of your leader is to drag the team forward, which is what Cesc does. We just don’t have enough of them.

          • Exactly,what I think we need is a leader in every department who can strike fear into opposition’s hearts , we need one in GK,defence, midfield and forwards. During the time of the
            Invincibles, we had TH amongst the forwards, Vieira in midfield, Campbell/Keown in defence and Lehmann in GK.

          • I think you’re wrong. Like someone mentioned Fabregas became captain after speculation about him moving basically to keep him longer. Wenger did the same with Henry. Since when was the captaincy supposed to be a bargaining tool? Part of the negotiations? Gallas got the captaincy because Wenger wanted him to move to Arsenal so he was promised it not because he was captain material.

            We haven’t had a proper captain since Viera and it shows there is nothing currently at the club that anyone can identify with all the other top teams have strong captains and they are the focal point for the club and the ethos of the club is embodied in them. If Fabregas is a good captain what does he represent? Somebody who wants out? Who loves another club above the one who pays his salary and made him who he is? (and I’m not intending to be romantic).

            We say Fabregas is not a vocal leader but a so called lead by example leader. Considering his head has dropped last season since he didn’t get his dream move he has been playing under par which has affected the whole team. There were games where he looked as if he didn’t want to be there. Is that what you want to see in your captain?

            Previously we had leaders in every department all over the field. Wenger got rid of the experience in exchange for flair players and forgot that we need leaders. Moreso now when all you have is young boys who have noone to look up to this is the time we need vocal leaders to put them right or direct them on the field because at times they have looked clueless and the team has ended up being a rudderless ship. So please don’t cite Fabregas as an example of a captain that should be representing our club. Possibly at the Grand Prix but not at the Emirates.

    • In George Grahams day a player would get a third of his wages standard for turning up to training. A third if he was picked to play. A third as a win bonus !!!
      Today player are rich !!! Money is a small motivator !!!! A player like Diaby, signs a 4 year deal at Arsenal @ £55k a week. He is made for life !!!!
      Too many average players are on stupid money.
      I would keep your Denilson’s your Diaby’s your Super Nick’s on small wages by Arsenal standards. Like the great George, if they broke into the team or showed improvement I would reward that. Equally if a player like Rosiky showed a continual steady drop in form, I think, in the contract should be written the ability to start reducing his wages!!!!! This can only be done if a proportion of his contacted wages are bonus related!!!
      You will always get player that are greedy and that money IS the main motivator, (Tevez )but I think the majority of AVERAGE Arsenal players think that by signing for us, Christmas has come early !!!!!!! I realise that this cannot happen in the current climate. Agents will advise their clients not to sign, to go elsewhere !!! But all good negotiations depend on both parties being balanced. The power has shifted too far in the player favour. In days gone past the club had too much power. Thanks to good old human nature, whoever holds that power, abuses it. That is what Samir is doing now !!!!!

      • True, but none of that is exclusive to Arsenal. That is just modern football, and if you don’t reward a player on potential, you won’t keep him.

  21. Hate is a strong word my friend!! All my friends are disappointed and frustrated with him!!!
    He was sold to us as a bundle of potential !!! That potential has not materialised !!!! Like other players such as Diaby, they do themselves no favours by their apparent lack of effort on the pitch. Players like Perry Groves in the past made up for their lack of skill by gut busting, do or die attitude. A little unfair on the new players as it is not in their culture !!!

    • Disappointment and frustration do not lead to “fans” going ahead and doing something so tacky. DB10 disappointed at Inter,TH14 disappointed at Juve, the fans certainly have a right to be upset that the players are not playing well and they are welcome to express that within the stadium but does that give them the right to downright insult a player by carrying propaganda against him.

      • I had a go at an a******e that stayed behind to boo the team on their lap of honour at the Emirates on the last day of the season. When you expand your home fan base by a third in one hit, you let in a lot of “armchair” supporters. These guys love Arsenal,but, they believe for some reason that we have a “GOD GIVEN” right to win things. They don’t understand the sweet sweet taste of winning can only be really enjoyed, after tasting the bitter taste of defeat !!!
        We need to educate them !!!! I know people who HATE Wenger. The man that has won the double twice, who delivered a team that went unbeaten for a whole season !!! Some may hate Denilson, most are just frustrated !!! If he turned his form around, they would be singing his name. Support is needed most when your team is not doing well. Great supporters sign their lungs out when their hearts are breaking !!!!

        • Mate look around you even our own players don’t believe in what your trying to defend your about a week out of date. Who says anything about a god given right? We are a football club and I think the least that any of us can expect is effort from the players that are paid fairly well to represent us. I don’t think we in our day jobs could get away with consistent under performance especially in this current climate so why should we excuse their poor performance and lack of effort?

          It was the club who decided to let in the prawn sandwich brigade in place of the proper fans in order to maximize profits. They see the match as entertainment only and if you’re not entertaining them they are going to boo it’s like going to the theater and seeing a bad play for them. So why complain when the club themselves see these kind of supporters as the preferred ones because they spend at the ground?

          I don;t dispute what Wenger has done but he can;t survive on that indefinitely. A line must be drawn somewhere and I’d love to know how far you would be prepared to let this go? When a manager is no longer acting in the best interest of the club but in their own interest that’;s when I believe it’;s time to withdraw your support. So you still going to be singing for Wenger when we are mid table? Knowing that had he bought Samba in January we might have won the title. He knew TV wasn’t going to be coming back till the end of the season. To me that is penny pinching of the highest order and reckless.

          He let 4 experienced CBs leave and brought in a novice from the French league and some washed up has been for a total of 14mill. Then relied on a player in Djourou who couldn’t get a game ahead of Senderos and had a year out injured. Who could he have bought had he spent that money wisely? Another episode of irresponsibility.

          You have your view but blind support is no support. While you’re saying support the underperformers and all will be well I would say that the team is not good enough and the money that has been spent on players has not been spent wisely.

          You talk as if there was nothing before Wenger that we;d never won anything before him. A lot of people like to forget that Wenger inherited the defence that George Graham built and the core of the team was already there. Don’t you find it strange that Wenger has struggled so badly for years to build his own defence? Had glaring problem areas in the team that other teams have been exploiting for seasons now and he has no idea how to fix it. If he was such a great manager wouldn’t he have sussed this out ages ago? Tony Adams rated Graham above Wenger as a manager, you gonna call him an armchair fan as well? Whilst Wenger has a place in the clubs history so do the other managers who paved the way for him.

          • The French novice and Djourou played pretty well. And btw the argument that if Samba had come in January and we might have won the title is highly flawed. Samba plays at BB and their defence has leaked in around 59 goals which is 16 goals more than Arsenal’s defence. Actually the reason Arsenal is regarded highly all around the world is because of the style of play Wenger employs. The type of game he was making his players play was incredibly spectacular than George Graham. The core of the team under George Graham was the famous back four and Ian Wright,was it not? Btw ,was it not Wenger who had resurrected Adam’s career?If it hadn’t been for him,Adams would have been an Arsenal version of George Best. Part of the reason why top players (who don’t give priority to extremely high wages) bother to come to Arsenal is playing under Arsene Wenger. If he had not changed the way we played football, Jack Wilshere would have been another typical English hoof -the -ball and run after it” type of player
            I am certainly not an AKB .AW is responsible for some glaring errors like persisting with Almunia and not getting a better keeper , not getting a better CF.But I believe he does have the capability to take Arsenal further

  22. Great post maybe too much logic for most though. Keep up the good work.

  23. I don’t blame Nasri if he wants to leave Arsenal, he has to look after no.1 and I think Arsenal is not ambitious enough for him, therefore he has to move to another club to realise his dreams or wait for another 6 years for Arsenal to get a trophy !!

  24. Has Nasri done a lot wrong … No, not really. Wenger has done wrong by being so obsessively loyal to his youngsters – instead of showing more ruthlessness. Like if you can’t deliver soon … you are out ! It has all been too supportive and cosy. The fact is … Wenger’s loyalty is misplaced. They will all xxxx off when it suits them !!

    • not in the slightest responsible !!!!! Couldn’t have played better for the last four weeks of the season !!!!! Everyone’s fault in the squad except him ???????
      I don’t think so !!!! There is no I in team mate !!!

    • He let the Gooner fans down in the last 4 weeks same as the rest!!!
      Surly he should want to stay and put that right !!!!

  25. The season starts next month and not only have we failed to get rid of the dross which is Almunia, Bendtner, Denilson, Eboue, Denilson Rosicky, Song, Diaby, Clichy, Arshavin & Squillaci we have also bought no enforcements. For God’s sake, Man U have bought 3, Sunderland 6 players so what’s holding us up? This is scandalous. On top of this our decent players see we are not strenghening and want to move. Who can blame them. Sack Wenger now!

    • What on earth is Song doing on that list!?!

    • Can’t agree with this at all. You can’t really do your buying until you know for certain who is going, and how much you are getting for them, because until then you don’t know what you need and what your budget is.

      I don’t really care when in the summer the business is done as long as it is.

    • Song are you being seroius

  26. My opinion – Nasri is showing a small bit of loyalty. He could have signed a new contract last year, put in a transfer request this summer and then put in no effort so Arsenal had to sell him next January. However, much like Fabregas he has shown he’s willing to put his effort in while under contract. Sure, he had a slump for a few months – few players didn’t last season (see: Torres, Rooney, Drogba, Nani, Carrick, Malouda etc). But he will play as well as he can at that point for the club that employs him.

    And yes, Arsenal not winning trophies is down to a great part the players. But by that logic Matt Le Tissier was an infinately worse player than Djimi Traore (the worst person to ever win the Champions League, in my opinion). It’s also about being at the right place at the right time, and Nasri thinks that Arsenal might be the wrong place. And you know what – after next summer he has no reason to be there.

    And to everyone who thiks he owes Arsenal ’cause they made him – no they didn’t. He was a great prospect already showing great talent when he arrived. Would he have been in any worse state if he hadn’t joined Arsenal? Not necessarily, and that’s a lazy argument. It wouldn’t be if he asked to go before his contract was up, but he’s not doing that.

    • All good points. I think people are being a bit disingenious when criticising Nasri’s performances – try naming a player who has avoided a poor half season. If Wilshere has one I’d be willing to bet we’d cut him more slack.

      Career actions and performances should only be tied together if one directly affects the other, which was certainly true with Adebayor, who simply stopped trying once he’d decided to leave. Nasri hasn’t shown that.

      And you’re right – we didn’t make Nasri, that is exceptionally dismissive of the French league, where he was already quite the star.

  27. It is obvious this is all about money and I’m afraid Nasri is simply taking advantage of the club’s fragile confidence to rub it in. First off, he must be psychic to have known the club would not win any trophies when he didn’t sign the contract that was placed before him at the beginning of last season, when Arsenal was on a roll competing on all fronts. Then, it was money; at the end of the season, it was “pay me as much as Cesc”, now, he has found the ‘perfect’ excuse: trophies! What did he do, seriously, to guarantee the club a trophy? That’s what BIG players do. Henry/Bergkamp carried the club for years. Maradona single-handedly, won the Italian title and European cup for Napoli, then a middle to bottom of the league team. What did Nasri do about our title run-in? It is about Money, please.

  28. Nasri is really stating that he thinks he is better than he is…..he had a good six months

  29. Nasri…..i have faith he will stay, but what do i know

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