Jun 132014

First off, I haven’t posted anything since the FA Cup triumph over Hull, so can I just stop for a minute and say:


Thanks. I feel better. A month on, it still feels awesome, particularly given the scores that doubted Wenger would ever lift a trophy again. Screw you, suckers.

Anyway, yesterday was not only the start of the World Cup, but it wasn’t the best of days to be an Arsenal fan. First the news was confirmed that Cesc Fabregas would be joining Chelsea. It is a difficult one to swallow for many reasons – despite leaving under a cloud there was little doubt among many that Cesc really did care for Arsenal, or at least his determined performances and attitude appeared to show it. There will be those that say the move to Chelsea proves he never did, but I see it somewhat differently – had we exercised our ‘first option’ on him, he’d be an Arsenal player now. We didn’t, and he wanted to move to London (for family reasons as much as anything). That left two choices – Chelsea and Spurs – which is bit like being asked to choose between a sandwich made of gnat’s piss or donkey semen. No wonder his smile looks forced.

Ultimately, Barcelona wanted rid, we passed, so he moved to a club we didn’t want him to move to. Not the best of situations, but that was our choice. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit in all of this is that neither of his two club affections wanted him any more.

The other thing that has interested me has been the reaction. I feel that if the same had happened last season, there would have been outright mutiny. With a trophy drought ever extending, and a perceived inability (or unwillingness) to bring in the top players, Wenger would have been lampooned beyond belief to pass on a player of Cesc’s undoubted skills. But the reaction has actually been far calmer – an acknowledgement that Cesc isn’t what we need, due to a combination of Ozil’s signing and Ramsey’s spectacular emergence, and that as long as business is conducted properly in the areas we do need to strengthen in, then this quiet acceptance will continue.

Personally, I feel this has a massive amount to do with the cup final win. With that monkey off our backs, everything feels less urgent, less dramatic, and less poisonous. When you’re not winning anything, the desperation rises, so any available player of any talent not signed is seen as a disaster – there are countless examples in the past five years of players who certainly were not good enough for Arsenal, yet caused ridiculous angst when they were not snapped up. That has now changed.

Twitter is a notoriously angry place. Yet the reaction yesterday, while filled with annoyance, was measured, muted and calm. Cesc is already part of history, and our needs lay elsewhere. Time to move on.

Elsewhere, part of our more recent history also moved on, with Bacary Sagna confirming his departure in classy manner. I have nothing but praise for a man who clearly decided not to sign a new contract long ago, yet gave everything in every minute of every match, where others would have held back a little, mentally wandering and protecting themselves for their last big contract. Sagna cared, and gave his all. I wish him nothing but the best.

I doubt there will be much Arsenal news in the next month, aside from Mikel Arteta coming back to an empty training ground and being filled with World Cup melancholy. The focus is now on the Brazilian showpiece, and with seven games in the next two days, it is about to get crazy. Enjoy.

  4 Responses to “Cup final win still showing its value in Cesc reaction”

  1. Its a shame cesc has signed for chelsea

    I believe we could have accommodated him, selling carzola, podolski and arteta ( even i like him for his professionalism) he could have had a role

    my only issue with cesc is , he could have stayed with us rather than listening to that idiot xavi, he was supposed to replace him but xavi had no intention of letting cesc take his role.

    he must have realised that we would move on and it would be difficult to bring him back.

  2. That wud b so unfair to Poldi,Santi and Mikel!Cesc left when we wanted him most,but he wud not look back.In fact,he is in our past,so let him remain there

  3. Also Cesc’s wage demands have to be taken into account – he’d be on astronomical wages (certainly is at Chelsea).

    There’s something about the balance and attitude in our squad that works right now. Not saying Cesc would disrupt that, but he’s a luxury that, although it pains me to see him at Chelsea, I can understand us passing on.

  4. Ooh you beauty!! Thanks for sorting my thoughts out.
    Had this feeling of unease about that Fabregas move to
    Chelaki. He certainly is the past. Reminds a woman pulled in a club
    take home and do things on her a couple of weeks then she tells you that she is actually engaged to someone else. Time comes and actually get married to that man. After a while they break up. That’s Fab on Rebound.

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