About The Beautiful Groan


Created in March 2007, The Beautiful Groan is a place for me to put into words my views on anything in the world of football. As a Gooner, the vast majority of the content is Arsenal related, but I have been known to vent my spleen on a number of different topics.

Initially, the site was run on a small-time server, but after a year of being messed around by that particular hosting company, The Beautiful Groan found itself a new home, hosted by Lunarpages and created in WordPress, and in February 2008, relaunched.

While that was a good home, the numbers of readers and discussions grew and the servers were no longer able to cope. So in early 2010, Groan moved again, and is now proudly hosted by ServInt on our own private server. We have come a long way.

For a while in 2010, the Beautiful Groan ran a weekly podcast, but as anyone who has done such a thing knows, that is immensely time consuming and got abandoned after just four episodes. I’m just a single writer and three small children meant that some things had to go!

What makes writing so enjoyable is all of you – everyone who reads, comments, mails me – it all adds to the experience and keeps this place going.

So enjoy the site, and if you want to get in touch, head to the Contact page – I will try to reply in good time.

Thanks for reading,