Advertise on The Beautiful Groan


Thank you for your interest in advertising on The Beautiful Groan. There are two types of advertising available – banner advertising and blog sponsorship. Both are outlined below, and if your preference is for banner advertising, you can see a clear indication of where your banner would appear in the image at the foot of the page.

Advertising on The Beautiful Groan is advised for anyone wishing to promote football-related material such as merchandise, experiences or online betting. Groan has a large community of avid football fans, which has grown since early 2007, and currently sees around 7000-12000 hits/week (30000-40000/month).

Banner Advertising

There are four banner positions available on The Beautiful Groan, and all four are replicated across all pages of the site – if your banner appears on one page, it appears on every page, on every reload (banners do not rotate). Please see the grid at the bottom of this page for a graphical depiction of each of the four slots.

For new banner advertisements, you may supply HTML code (which allows you to change your advert dynamically) or a direct link to the banner image. JPEG and GIF formats are encouraged, and no animation is permitted.

All prices listed are in GBP, and all payments can be made via Paypal, Moneybookers or other methods on request, if you have other preferences. Please get in contact using the Contact page or by mailing

Position 1 – Main Featured Banner – £100/month

A prominently placed full-width banner, measuring 940 x 100, placed across the top of each page. There is only one such slot available, to a featured sponsor.

Position 2 – Prime Box Banner – £50/month

The prime position for a box-style banner advert, this measures 170 x 125 (depth is variable on request) and appears in the top right of every page, clearly visible on every page view.

Position 3 – Secondary Box Banner – £25/month

Slightly lower that the prime box banner, this sits on the right hand side of every page, and also measures 170 x 125.

Position 4 – Footer Featured Banner – £50/month

A full-width banner, measuring 940 x 100, sitting just above the footer at the bottom of every page.

The benefits of placing your banner campaign on The Beautiful Groan are:

  • Guaranteed viewing – banners do not rotate and are therefore present on every page view
  • Site-wide advertising – every page on the site is structured in an identical fashion. Your campaign would appear on every page, in a consistent location.
  • Targeted audience – Groan has a known readership of football fans, mainly but not exclusively Arsenal followers.

Please see the graphic at the bottom of the page for a visual representation of the campaign opportunities.

Blog Sponsorship

The Beautiful Groan is looking for a blog-wide sponsor to be mentioned in all our blog communications. If you were to become the blog sponsor, you would be prominently mentioned to all subscribers to the blog, courtesy of the email they receive whenever a new article is posted.

This position is ideal for anyone wishing to promote their brand through continued interaction. Blog sponsors can request for competitions to be run (if a merchandise company, for instance), or that certain promotions are mentioned at appropriate times. This is the most flexible of the advertising mechanisms, as it allows you to request how you are perceived on the blog.

The standard price to become the sole blog sponsor is £75/month, although this is discounted to £50/month if the blog sponsor already pays for a banner in positions 1, 2 or 4.

Banner Position Display